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Bingo 07-23-2019 05:34 PM

Leaking from Clutch Hardlines
When I parked the my MS3 last week, the clutch pedal stuck to the floor and I found fluid leaking from the master cylinder hardline where it meets the master.

I just replaced both the master and slave and now I'm leaking from BOTH the hardline at the master and the slave. I haven't heard much about having to replace these lines, am I missing something here? Both are pressed into their respective cylinder with the retaining clip in place.

Sensei 07-23-2019 08:45 PM

I swapped out my slave cylinder when I replaced the clutch about 2 months ago. From what I recall the clutch line just slides into the slave cylinder and once it bottoms out it is held by the retaining clip as you described. If these cars used line nuts instead of the silly clips you could probably just tighten them up. It seems likely that the sealing surface on the old line is worn. The parts involved are so simple that if you're confident you got the line seated the best you can and it still leaks I'd just replace the line.

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