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Default Finding Source of Oil Leak, Are Octane Ratings Real?, Bearing Problem on Honda Civic, HCCI Engine, Another Bogus 'Gas Sa

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Well, skulldugery from a few Paky gas station owners aside, as someone who personally blends 100,000's of thousands of barrels of gasoline each day I can assure ya'll there is a huge difference in the grades of gas! Most 87 oct regular is actually blended to about 87.2. Mid grade or 89oct is usually downgraded premium before the proprietary additive packages are added and can be anywhere from 89 to 91oct and 93 oct premium is ALWAYS 93.2 or above before it is allowed to go into the pipeline system! By the time it actually goes into your tank there has been a slight loss of "light ends" so it'll be about 93.1+.
!!!ALWAYS!!! buy your gas at a station which has alot of traffic so you get the "freshest" gas. I personally blend my own premium with a concoction of toluene, reformate, & spike it with MTBE. VERY UNHEALTHY but WTF, I've been washing my tools and hands in pure benzene for 20yrs!
Also, for all you guys without cats, why not get the tetra ethyl lead available in it's pure form in Canada and run 95 to 100 octane with just a few ounces!!!!!!! The only down side is your wideband 02 sensors will probably only last about 30-40,000 miles. BUT OH THE POWER!!!
AND practically all over the counter "Octane Booster" are snake oil! I have run at least 6 brands in our EPA & DOT certified octane engines and they couldn't help raise your granddad's pecker in a whorehouse. You'd need GALLONS to see an appreciable increase in octane!
You guys with Met/Water injection have the best of ALL options. Increase in octane & knock suppression and intake charge cooling. All from windshield washer fluid at $0.99 a gallon!! Put some fragrance in it and you'd even smell nice to your victims as they suck you exhaust!!!
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