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DA48 11-30-2018 06:56 PM

Fuel leak and engine sputter
Looking for some advice. In the process of searching but needed to get a jump start on diagnosing.

I have a Ď07 MS3 with 87k. Iíve owned it since August and itís bone stock with OEM CAI. Itís not a DD and until tonight was parked for about a week and a half on a full tank of gas. So I loaded the fam up tonight and a few min down the road got some major sputtering and cutting out. Turned around and came home and found a puddle of gas behind the RR tire. I took the gas cap off and seemed to relieve a lot of pressure based on sound.

I canít dig around until tomorrow, but curious if this sounds symptomatic of a basic fuel leak, or if it seems to be something else in the fuel system causing excess pressure.

Your help is much appreciated.


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DA48 12-01-2018 12:59 PM

So as a quick update, it looks like fuel was probably leaking from the canister filter attached to the filler neck, behind the RR wheel well cover. Looks like this filter is part of the evap system. Does anyone happen to have a part number for this filter? I'd like to replace it along with the purge valve and see what happens.

DA48 12-09-2018 06:08 PM

For the sake of future searchers...

I ended up replacing the purge valve first based on price and research. Iíve put ~50 miles on the car so far and the problem seems to have gone away. Hopefully itíll stay gone.

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Fstrnyou 12-10-2018 05:10 AM

Thanks for the update.

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