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Default Cobb Tuning - Mazdaspeed 3 Front Mount Intercooler V2.0

Table of Contents
1 - Cobb Tuning - Mazdaspeed 3 Front Mount Intercooler V2.0
2 - Page 2 - The Update
3 - Page 3 - Reference Photo's
4 - Page 4 - Biggest Problem Area On V1.0, FIXED in V2.0
5 - Page 5 - Top Portion & Shift Weight
6 - Page 6 - More Love
7 - Page 7 - Conclusion

It's obvious, in this tough economic time, many companies are trying to downsize. We hear about our friends who were just laid off. Some, work for large companies who were doing great. Unfortunately, times have changed and none of us can guarantee our job security. In the automotive sector, it has gotten pretty bad. Enthusiasts are losing their cars, unable to make payments. Companies, who produce performance parts for the enthusiast minded, are suffering too. People just can't afford to spend money on performance. Those that due have that luxury, are being a bit wiser about their purchases and want the best quality, for the best price.

We recall Cobb making an exit from producing hard parts for the enthusiast market. At least, when it came to the Mazdaspeed line. Past quality issues didn't help the matter and Cobb had to make some changes to operations to survive this hard economic time. So, they chose to step back, re-focus and start from scratch on both marketing and streamline their processes. Cobbs name, while popular, was still considered conservative in their offerings for performance. The AccessPort, whether for Mazda, Subaru or Mitsubishi, had to be compatible with a whole assortment of aftermarket parts to support compatibility with their Off The Shelf Maps, This is entirely to difficult to undertake, so Cobb decided to re-enter the hard parts business, but only producing parts that harvest the true power of the AccessPort itself. Those with custom setups or have gone beyond stage 2+ bolt ons should use their head and seek a professional tune from one of Cobbs approved pro-tuners.

Cobb also needed to work on its marketing a bit. Polishing a reputation is no easy work, so Cobb decided to employ Gary Sheehan, who is a well known racer to head their marketing strategy. The result, is a successful line of performance parts that compliment the power of Cobb Tuning suite known as, the Access Port. Its also to see Cobb expanding their territories. They now have locations in WA, CA and TX, so this is a huge expansion for them and allows more customers to get a pro tune from their own calibration tuners. If you are good at understanding tuning and know a bit about the Mazda, you could take a OTS map for your Mazda, load it in the new version of Access Tuner Race and tweak the map to work with the car. Please use caution and only change one variable at a time if you are new to this and test the map before moving on to a another section of table modification. The results can be catastrophic to your engine if you make a mistake, especially in the boost and timing tables. Noobs, be warned!

Cobb made a violent exit from the Mazdaspeed market in 2009. They took the time to refocus their efforts and get back on track with the most complicated ECU to ever hit the tuner market. Its common knowledge that the Gen 1 & 2 Mazdaspeed 3's are a pain in the ass to eek power from, so a new attack plan went into effect to figure out the missing piece to this mysterious puzzle. With the resources properly shifted, Cobb Tuning has successful removed the load cap from our ECU and has employed a few new table unlockings to get us over the tuning hump.

To compliment that, why not introduce some updated hard parts to take advantage of the new power potential?

Fast forward, Cobb Tuning has re-released the infamous Front Mount Intercooler, V2.0. A lot of changes have gone into this latest build and finally they took suggestions and implemented them in this update. Cobb had a 90% successful product on their V1.0 but their was some issues with the hotpipe at the drivers side corner and the stock shift weight hitting the cold pipe. All of this, has been successfully fixed and we tested the system before it was released to go for sale.

Cobb Tuning has put its trust into the MSF organization to lead them into hardware testing prior to releasing products in the wild. We can communicate fitment issues and/or give suggestions to enhance the product. What we have here, is this example of a working relationship between tuner and enthusiast. Anyhow, lets get down to business.

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