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Default Car Is Throwing a P2123 Code, anyone have experience?

Hey guys,

I haven't posted here in a long time, but last time I did I got the best assistance on figuring out my issues.

Currently my car has 2 CEL codes popping. To give a little background, I lost my license from July 2017- Nov 2018. The car sat at my fathers garage covered and outside. My dad did drive it here and there to make sure it wasn't sitting for a straight year, but it still sat for a while. I got my license back and drove the car pretty easy but did some spirited driving. The car was fine, no codes or anything. Speed up to Jan-feb time frame, i was just doing normal driving and realized my car had a CEL light on. This was the first code that popped which is:

PO442 - Evap. Emission control system leak detected (small leak)

Once this popped I started to work towards fixing it pretty quick. So I did some research and changed all my Purge Valve, Changed the Gas cap to a brand new one and no luck. Still have had no luck fixing this CEL, car does take a bit to start at times as well. (if that helps)

Shortly after this Code I encountered This very pesky code that is causing my car a Limp mode issue, and this is the main thing I am trying to get help on. I also do want to add, around this time I also double checked my lines and such near the purge valve and discovered there was a small mouse nest under my TMIC. I checked everything around it and nothing looked chewed, but I did want to add this in here.

Since about March of 2019 my car has been also pulling a:

PO2123 - Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor No. 1 Circuit High input

Now the main reason im writing this post is because of this. The strange part about this code is, if i do any WOT it goes into limp mode and i have to restart car to get it to work. I also want to add occasionally Ill even be in just first gear, speed up to get into second and it happens. The reason its all so weird is because if i cleared the CEL it wouldnt do it for a bit then eventually came back. Speed up to End of May, Me and my buddy cleaned the TB and changed my plugs to fresh ones. After doing this, I reset battery, reset CEL and the car ran great again even during WOT for a couple weeks! Then sure enough this issue is back and here we are...

So at this point I have checked my ECU cords, Checked connections near pedals and nothing seems pinched, or cut or anything. I am going to order a new Sensor at this point and see if it helps, but after reading I have found it could be a bunch of things and I am curious if anyone has any insight AT ALL for me.

The car is also fully freektuned, Im not on the stock map or anything like that.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any help.

P.S The reason I waited a while to post was because of how intermittent the WOT issue has been.
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