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ABOSWORTH 08-02-2019 06:46 AM

Vapor canister vent valve
Has anyone replaced this? Looks like I'll need to drop the rear crossmember in order to gain access to this. You can barely even see it, let alone replace it without doing something. I found a thread detailing how to completely remove the rear crossmember/subframe on a Speed6 but I'm wondering if anyone has replaced the canister vent valve without completely removing it on a Speed3. Obviously looks much different than the Speed6 since the Seed3 has no rear diff. I think if I could drop it 6 inches or so, I could replace this. I'm getting P0442 and P0455 so I'm pretty sure this is the culprit. I've already done the purge valve and gas cap.

Stupid design on Mazda's part putting this part in such an inaccessible spot.. Thought I'd ask before I start going at it. I don't really want to completely remove the crossmember if possible. I'd like to just be able to drop it a few inches so I can get at the vent valve.

Sensei 08-02-2019 04:00 PM

I have no experience with this particular part but I'd suggest looking through the FSM (factory service manual) to see how Mazda says to remove the vent valve.

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