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JimmyMac 05-26-2008 01:37 AM

MSD Dashhawk Data Logger Data Base
I was just wondering if we could get a data base of Logs from the Dashhawk. Post up the logs with your current mods and Dashhawk version number. Maybe even help troubleshoot some areas and give pointers.

I'll post up first. I took off my XEDE and wanted to see how things would be afterwards. So I made a log. I think the AMB temp was around 75°. 4th gear pull starting at 3000rpms. Engine mods are; CS DP, ETS TMIC, CP-e CAI, Mrlilguy's CDFP, and TurboSmart BPV. Stock boost settings with no Map Clamp. Dashhawk v2.5 Beta 4.

Next weekend I may do another log with many other different mods done to my car. Depends how long it takes for my ecu to adapt.

Post up your logs to we can see how you are doing!

JimmyMac 06-29-2008 07:15 PM

Okay, I did another pull last night playing with my map clamp. In this log I started off in 2nd gear and went part way into 4th. You can see I got boost cut by looking at where the fuel injected was cut off. You'll see the spikes. Right after his I readjusted the map clamp. But didn't get to data log again. Plus as Laloosh has been talking about, you'll see a slightly higher a/f in 4th gear.

JimmyMac 06-30-2008 09:43 AM

Here is a log from last night. Same road. But this time it was starting to drizzle. I randomly choose a few different things to log this time. But I wanted to make sure I had boost logging to see where it was clamped. Well as you can see, I'm still hitting boost cut. It's clamped at 16.09psi. So I think one more full turn back on the map clamp will do the trick. You can see where it takes about 2.5secs before boost cut hits. This log is starting off in 2nd gear and going through 4th. DSC is on. So with the wet road traction control does kick in a few times in 2nd gear. Plus between shifts. You can see where 4th gear gets boost cut twice.

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